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Our offices are just off Moorgate in central London, but our engineering workforce is distributed. We're currently prioritizing local hires, but are open to remote for exceptional UK/EU/US candidates.

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Chief Compliance Officer & MLRO

About Us

Griffin is a London-based pre-authorisation "platform" bank that provides safeguarded and client money (CASS) bank accounts to technology-driven organisations. We are not only branchless but API-first.

We see a world in which people and firms get most of their financial services and products from non-bank entities rather than high street banks. In this future, these non-bank firms will still need to partner with banks in order to safeguard and ring-fence their customer's deposits and to programmatically manage access to these funds. We aim to be the world leader in providing these capabilities.

The team is still small, at 11 people. We have the bulk of our executive team in place (CEO, CRO, CFO, COO, CTO) and an in-house engineering team of 5 engineers. Our Board is still being assembled but even today has an independent Chairman and next month will appoint another independent non-executive director. About half of the leadership team has prior experience setting up a new bank in the UK - this isn't our first time and we know what we're doing.


We are dedicated and careful stewards of our culture. Rather than "move fast and break things", we aim to move thoughtfully and to make no mistakes.

That having been said, we are a technology company. We plan on automating everything that we can, safely. One of the key outcome for this role is helping us to build those automated processes in a way that complies with the letter and spirit of all relevant laws and regulations.

We are an output-driven environment that operates with extreme autonomy; people are free to keep their own hours and we don't micro-manage each other.

Job Description
Experience Needed

what you need to be familiar with

  • You should be an expert in UK banking regulations and how to be compliant with them, ideally through both:
    • Previous SMF 16 (Compliance Oversight) experience.
    • Previous SMF 17 (Money Laundering Reporting Officer) experience
    • For the right candidate, we're open to hiring someone who is currently operating in a Head of [Compliance/Financial Crime/etc] role and has experience relevant to Griffin's business to make the jump.
  • You must have worked at a UK bank at some point in the last 15 years.
  • You must have experience in the compliance domains most relevant to us: data, financial crime, banking, payments, conduct.
  • You must be highly comfortable with technology. You don't have to be a digital native, but you should at least be fluent in the language.

the day to day

  • You'll be drafting the majority of the bank's compliance policies and procedures across the board.
  • You'll be making sure we stay compliant with any emerging regulatory changes.
  • You'll be working with our auditors in a transparent and helpful manner.
  • You'll be working with our CTO in designing the major compliance workflows for our core banking system
  • Once we're live, you'll be responsible for overseeing day-to-day compliance operations and ensuring that the policies and procedures you've written are being executed in an effective manner
  • You'll be the point person for receiving Suspicious Activity Reports and making sure they are followed up on.

what success looks like a year from now

  • You've written and implemented a full suite of compliance policies and procedures that:
    • are designed for our business, not just copy-pasted from others
    • use our tone of voice (speaking in plain language and being clear and direct)
    • integrate neatly with the rest of the governance framework being formed
  • You've produced specifications for major compliance workflows for the CTO to use in building the core banking system that:
    • are precise enough that a team of engineers can implement them
    • provide details on why they've been designed this way
  • You've been able to work closely with the Risk function to ensure that adequate policies and procedures are in place to bring all risks within the firms' risk appetite.
  • You've been able to execute quickly and to a high quality without any direct reports during the pre-authorisation period
  • You have a clear idea of how the compliance organisation should be built out in terms of overall staffing levels and the expertise required

who you'll report to

You will report to the CEO.

You will also report into the Board-level Audit & Risk Committee.

You will be a member of the Executive Committee and the Executive Risk Committee.

You will work closely with our CTO and CRO.


Whilst this is a senior executive role, we are still a seed-stage startup. You will need to be comfortable not earning a 6 figure salary at least until we are authorised. In return, we can provide a very large equity grant - up to 0.75% of the company's total share capital. As the company grows, we would look to bring your salary compensation in line with market.

  • 25 days off a year + bank holidays
  • Tax-advantaged stock options under HMRC's Company Share Option Plan (CSOP)
  • Flexible working
  • Private medical insurance through AXA
  • Private life insurance through AIG

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