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Senior Independent Director

Job Description

This listing is for an independent non-executive director position on our Board with additional responsibilities as the Board's Senior Independent Director. The SID is expected to work closely with our Chair, other directors, shareholders, regulators, and other key stakeholders to keep the Board functioning and to resolve issues.

Experience Needed

what you need to be familiar with

  • Critically, you must have a solid understanding of the UK corporate governance code and what the expectations of this role are.
  • You should have prior executive experience or non-executive board experience in the UK banking sector (ideally, though not necessarily, in retail banking)
  • You should be comfortable using technology and should follow larger trends within the technology industry. We don't expect you to be a digital native, but you should at least be comfortable with it as a second language.

what the role entails

  • Working closely with the Chair on ensuring the Board functions smoothly;
  • Serving as a point of contact for the company's shareholders, directors, regulators, and other stakeholders when the Chair is not available or where there is some issue that requires an independent arbiter;
  • Leading the evaluation of the Chair's performance in concert with the Board's other directors;
  • Leading meetings in which the Chair is not present or has been recused;
  • Helping to ensure that the company lives up to its commitment of diverse representation at the executive and Board level;
  • Maintaining relationships with the company's major stakeholders to ensure a good understanding of their perspectives;
  • Acting as a conduit for the PRA and FCA into the Board as and when required;
  • Working with the People and Governance Committee around succession planning, particularly with regard to the Chair;
  • Serving as the point of contact for any whistleblowing;

what success looks like at the end of your term

  • You've helped to review and challenge the bank's major regulatory materials during the authorisation process, providing:
    • detailed, timely and constructive feedback;
    • perspective and challenge in putting in place robust governance arrangements;
  • You've been successfully approved by the PRA and FCA as fit and proper to serve in your role as a bank director and as the senior independent director;
  • You’ve been part of a Board that has overseen the company’s transition through the early years after authorisation to establish a sustainable business;
  • You've worked closely with the Chair to ensure that the Board functions smoothly;
  • You have helped to lead an annual review of the Chair's performance to the satisfaction of the Board;
  • You have helped to put in place succession planning arrangements for the Chair; and
  • You've built relationships with other stakeholders such that they feel comfortable coming to you with concerns and issues.

who you'll report to

You will report to the Board.

You will be a member of the Board's People & Governance Committee and of its Audit & Risk Committee.

Director's Fees

Whilst this is a role that requires significant experience, we are still a seed-stage startup. You will need to be comfortable earning comparatively low director's fees at least until we are fully authorised. As the company grows, we would look to bring your fee compensation in line with market.

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